How to Buy Fractional Shares on Webull

Webull is a popular on line brokerage platform that lets in traders to exchange stocks and different economic devices. One of the key features offered by Webull is the ability to buy fractional shares. Fractional shares enable investors to very own a part of a stock, even though they do not have sufficient funds to shop for a complete percentage. In this text, we can guide you thru the process of buying fractional stocks on Webull, making it less difficult if you want to invest in the inventory marketplace.

What are Fractional Shares?

Fractional shares are smaller portions of a whole share. Instead of buying a full percentage of a inventory, you could put money into fractional shares, which assist you to own a fraction of a proportion. For example, if the fee of a inventory is $a hundred according to proportion and also you make investments $50, you’ll own zero.Five shares. Fractional stocks make it possible for investors with restrained finances to put money into pricey stocks that they would in any other case be not able to come up with the money for.

Why Invest in Fractional Shares?

Investing in fractional shares offers several advantages. Firstly, it lets in you to diversify your portfolio with the aid of investing in a couple of stocks, inspite of a small quantity of capital. Fractional shares also provide an opportunity to invest in expensive stocks such as Amazon or Tesla without having to purchase a whole share. Additionally, fractional shares enable you to reinvest dividends, maximizing your potential returns over time.

Getting Started with Webull

To buy fractional shares on Webull, you need to create an account on their platform. Webull is to be had as a cell app and an internet-based totally platform, making it available from everywhere. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your Webull account and buying fractional shares.

Opening a Webull Account

Visit the Webull website or download the Webull app from your preferred app store.
Click on the “Sign Up” button to create a brand new account.
Provide the required information, including your name, email address, and password.
Complete the verification process by providing the necessary identification documents.
Once your account is verified, you can proceed to fund your Webull account.

Funding Your Webull Account

Log in to your Webull account.
Navigate to the “Account” section and select “Cash Management.”
Choose the preferred funding method, such as linking your bank account or depositing funds via wire transfer.
Follow the instructions provided to complete the funding process.
Once your account is funded, you’re ready to start investing in fractional shares.

Navigating the Webull App

The Webull app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to access various features and tools. Familiarize yourself with the following sections:

Market: Provides real-time quotes, charts, and news about stocks.
Trade: Allows you to execute trades and manage your investments.
Explore: Offers market data, stock screeners, and educational resources.
Account: Displays your portfolio, account balance, and transaction history.

Searching for Stocks

Webull affords a powerful search device that enables you locate the stocks you need to put money into. Use the search bar to enter the stock symbol or the company name. The app will display the available options, including both whole shares and fractional shares. You can access essential information about the stock, such as the current price, historical performance, and analyst ratings.

Buying Fractional Shares

To buy fractional shares on Webull, follow these steps:

Select the desired stock from the search results.
Click on the “Trade” button.
Enter the quantity you want to make investments or the number of fractional stocks you want to buy.
Review the order details and click “Buy” to confirm the transaction.
Webull will execute the order at the next available market price, and your fractional shares will be added to your portfolio.

Setting up Recurring Investments

Webull allows you to set up recurring investments, automating your investment strategy. This feature enables you to regularly invest a fixed amount in a specific stock or a diversified portfolio. To set up recurring investments, follow these steps:

Navigate to the “Trade” section in the Webull app.
Select the stock you want to invest in or create a diversified portfolio.
Click on the “Recurring Investments” button.
Set the investment frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly) and the desired amount.
Confirm the recurring investment plan, and Webull will automatically execute the trades according to your specifications.

Monitoring Your Investments

Webull provides comprehensive tools for monitoring your investments. You can track the performance of your fractional shares, view real-time quotes and charts, and access news and market analysis. Use the “Portfolio” section inside the app to live up to date in your investments and make informed selections primarily based on the state-of-the-art facts.

Selling Fractional Shares

If you decide to sell your fractional shares on Webull, follow these steps:

Navigate to the “Trade” section in the Webull app.
Locate the stock you want to sell in your portfolio.
Click on the “Sell” button.
Enter the number of fractional shares you wish to sell or the desired amount.
Review the order details and click “Sell” to confirm the transaction.
Webull will execute the sell order, and the proceeds will be deposited into your account.

Tax Implications of Fractional Shares

It’s essential to understand the tax implications of investing in fractional shares. Fractional share dividends are subject to the same tax rules as whole share dividends. Additionally, if you sell fractional shares for a profit, you may be liable for capital gains taxes. Consult with a tax professional or refer to the relevant tax regulations in your jurisdiction to ensure compliance with tax obligations.

Benefits and Risks of Fractional Shares


Access to expensive stocks: Fractional shares allow you to invest in high-priced stocks without needing a significant amount of capital.
Diversification: Investing in fractional shares enables you to diversify your portfolio, reducing risk by spreading your investments across different stocks.
Dividend reinvestment: Fractional shares allow you to reinvest dividends automatically, potentially accelerating the growth of your investment.


Market volatility: Fractional shares are still subject to market fluctuations, and the value of your investment may decrease.
Fractional share limitations: Not all stocks are available as fractional shares, limiting your investment options.
Trading fees: Webull may charge trading fees for buying or selling fractional shares, which can impact your overall returns.


Can I buy fractional shares of any stock on Webull?

Yes, Webull offers a wide range of stocks available as fractional shares. However, not all stocks may be eligible for fractional trading.

Are there any additional fees for buying fractional shares on Webull?

Webull does not charge any additional fees specifically for buying fractional shares. However, there may be other fees associated with trading and account maintenance.

Can I sell fractional shares at any time?

Yes, you can sell fractional shares on Webull at any time when the market is open.

Do fractional shares pay dividends?

Yes, fractional shares are eligible to receive dividends, and you can choose to reinvest them or receive them as cash.

Can I transfer fractional shares to another brokerage?

Transferring fractional shares to another brokerage may have limitations. Contact Webull or the receiving brokerage for more information.


Investing in fractional shares on Webull provides a flexible and accessible way to participate in the stock market. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can open a Webull account, fund it, and start buying fractional shares of your favorite stocks. Remember to consider the benefits and risks of fractional shares and stay informed about the tax implications. Take advantage of Webull’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive tools to monitor and manage your investments effectively.

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