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8 Tips for great photography backgrounds

Dalila Dynes Oct 2019

Get more traffic, use these photography background hacks to transform your social media feed into magazine-worthy images.

Interesting backgrounds, with the right lighting and angles, can help create amazing photography, right in your own backyard.


  1. Shoot a different way.

Shooting from unusual angles, through plants or in this case people, from below or above or at night can give a completely different look to very familiar locations. It can also boost interest in your portfolio or Instagram feed.

2. Change the mood

Light and color creates mood. This shoot was for an ethnic clothing line in a very popular local park. I decided that shooting her laying down with reduced colors would add an air of darkness and intrigue.


3.Swap Genres

Using a backdrop that conflicts with the look can make your image more interesting. Seeing a boudoir or a bride in a cemetery, or a groom in a tuxedo at a construction site might seem odd, but makes for a wonderfully interesting contrast. Just be sure not to trespass or break the law! This shoot took place in 112-degree desert weather. a bathing suit and fur coat are definitely eye-catching.


4. The Sky is the limit

Most locations can be identified in each image. Not only that the year and the season, based on clothes, cars, and weather. When you use the sky and traditional garb, the location and even century can be a mystery!


5. Use secluded spaces

This very popular park has a secret garden that not many people visit. People always ask about this beautiful location in photos when it is right under their noses!

6.Use Silhouettes

Sunrise or at dusk are the best times for outdoor silhouettes. This tip disguises your model and utilizes the golden hour to make a very memorable image. The site gives nationwide locations and wonderful visuals of locations to shoot from. Try it out!



Make friends with security guards in your city’s tallest buildings can lead to access to gorgeous photography backdrops.


8.Up close and personal

Blurry backgrounds and up-close angles allow you to draw in a bit of the scene without giving too much location away. I decided on a solid background so the model’s make up would stand out, but allowed the shipping containers in the image for perspective and to compliment the colors.

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